The 11th KIR: LIKELION Online and Events for Klaytn Progress Report / Q2 2022


During the second quarter of 2022, LIKELION have educated another batch of 250 students.

As mentioned in the previous report as well, this course covers the concept of blockchain (especially the Klaytn chain), smart contracts, NFTs, and the development of blockchain applications.

This quarter we have produced meaningful products based on Klaytn. We have also refactored the course to respond to the change in Klaytn IDE and React version update.

Key Deliverables

LIKELION Online Education Platform (Korea) : 190 students

  • The Development of NFT Blockchain Market Application 3 (Sponsored by Ground X)
    • 75 students
  • [EXCLUSIVE] The Development of NFT Blockchain Market Application (Sponsored by Ground X)
    • 115 students

Through knowledge obtained from the course we provided, students have produced meaningful products and services on Klaytn network. We introduce selected products Few teams have already made investment rounds to turn the project into a real business.

  • LIKELION Vietnam : 60 students

Collaboration with Klaytn Foundation

In the pervious stage we partnered with Klaytn Foundation and Ground X to whitelist the token. It allowed students to display their unique NFT on Klip wallet without a difficult process.

We have renewed the contract for Klaytn API Service (KAS) to provide students with easy access to the Klaytn network.

Budget Report

In Q2 2022, we completed Stage 2 training. Accordingly, we politely request a deposit of 90,000 USD worth of KLAY.

Upcoming Stage

As part of Stage 3 (Q3 2022), LIKELION plans to educate additional 350 students in Korea and Vietnam.