The 16th KIR: Code States_Education program_Online Education

Proposal : The 16th KIR: Code States_Education program

Klaytn Improvement Reserve : Progress Report (Code States BEB)

Date: 10.28.2022

  1. Summary

Explaining Klaytn itself and using Klaytn to produce lecture videos that publish NFTs, De-Fi, and distribute them free of charge on YouTube platform.

We want to further revitalize the Klaytn ecosystem by fostering Klaytn developers with these videos.

  1. Project Milestones and Schedule


Name Contents Time Duration Release Schedule Progress Views
Make Your Own NFT 1-1 How to use Klaytn smart contract 30 mins 09.16.2022 Done 23000
Make Your Own NFT 1-2 ERC-20, KIP-7 grammar 30 mins 09.29.2022 Done 428
Make Your Own NFT 2-1 ERC-721, KIP-17 grammar 30 mins 10.12.2022 Done 459
Make Your Own NFT 2-2 Developing NFT 30 mins 10.27.2022 Done 359
Understanding DeFi 1-1 De-Fi Quiz Show 30 mins 11.11.2022 Done 440
Understanding DeFi 1-2 Practicing De-Fi 30 mins 11.25.2022 Done 291
Understanding DeFi 2-1 De-Fi Talk show - Crypto winter 30 mins 12.09.2022 Done 545
Understanding DeFi 2-2 De-Fi Talk show - De-Fi 30 mins 12.23.2022 Done 89
  1. Key Deliverables

  • Make your own NFT 1-1
    • Description of Klaytn and lectures on how to use your wallet to use Klayton Smart Contract.
    • Link
  • Make your own NFT 1-2
    • Explain the underlying technology of KIP-7, ERC-20, and grammar, and lecture on differences from KIP-7.
    • Link
  • Make your own NFT 2-1
    • Explain the underlying technology of KIP-17, ERC-721, and use it to distribute NFTs. Learn about the differences from KIP-17 and apply them to deploy NFT.
    • Link
  • Make your own NFT 2-2
    • Using IPFS and KIP-17 to learn the issuance of NFTs linked to data.
    • Link
  • Understanding DeFi 1-1
    • The history, characteristics, popular reasons, and information about Klaytn De-Fi are delivered in a quiz show format.
    • Link
  • Understanding DeFi 1-2
    • For those who are new to De-Fi, a lecture that follows and learns the type and usage of De-Fi. Based on Klaytn De-Fi service.
    • Link
  • Understanding DeFi 2-1
    • Communicate about De-Fi in talk show format. Part 1 discusses the cause of Crypto Winter, when it will end, and the attitude to prepare for it.
    • Link
  • Understanding DeFi 2-2
    • Communicate about De-Fi in talk show format. The second part is the present and future of De-Fi. And discuss the risks, etc. The promotion of Klaytn and its participants.
    • Link

So far, two videos have been uploaded to YouTube and released as open source. One will be uploaded every other Thursday.

Currently, all videos have been filmed, and the videos are being edited. The edited videos will be uploaded and released according to the above schedule.

  1. Budget

Category Amount Ratio of Overall Note
Filming in Livenow Studio $10,109 13.72% Cost of filming and editing
KIR Marketing $11,897 16.14%
Oopy payment cost $14 0.01% Oopy hosting cost
Experts in outsourcing fee $2606 3.53% 10.14 Colin at Krust, Steve at a41, Jae-Yoon at Over labs
Make up for an instructor $486 0.66%
Other costs $114 0.15% Meal for KIR members
Personal expense $48,576 65.91%
Summary : $73,802

  1. Advertising Medias And Features

GSA(Google Search Ad)
Search advertisement exposes advertisements in the search box when users search for keywords registered by advertisers.
In other words, there is a higher probability of inflow and conversion actions than other advertisements to search for what users clearly want.
In particular, Google is suitable for KIR as a search engine mainly used by people interested in development or studying development in Korea, and the share of domestic search engines has also increased significantly, increasing accessibility for ordinary users.

E.g. If someone is looking for a programming lecture, search for “Coding Lecture” and advertisements related to “Coding Lecture” are exposed, so there is a high probability that the advertisement will flow into the advertisement and proceed with the action desired by the advertiser.

GDN(Google Display Network)
A feature of banner ads is that advertisers can force ads to be sent to a combined target segment. In particular, Google banner advertisements have high coverage of domestic media. (There are a lot of accounts that are exposed to advertising) So you can first inform people who don’t have a clear need and increase or attract attention.

Why Are We Using Google Ads?
In the case of Google ads, existing parameters can be utilized. It has the advantage of being able to send advertisements to parameters (users interested in development) accumulated in existing code states.

Facebook and Instagram are the most efficient advertising media among banner ads. In particular, the two media use the media as an account where information is entered based on login, so user information is more accurate than Google. In addition, Facebook/Instagram has the media specificity that two apps that expose advertisements cannot expose other advertisements. (External advertisements such as Google cannot be exposed.)
Google’s targeting is based on cookies.

A detailed receipt of KIR marketing : Link

Klaytn Improvement Reserve: Progress Report (States DAO)

Date: 2022.10.24

  1. Summary

Give an overall description of the project.

Using the Klaytn grant, States DAO is contributing to the growth of the Klayton ecosystem by sourcing projects onto Klaytn and promoting it to our fellowship members through various events.

  1. Project Milestones and Schedule

If there are any changes on the project milestone or schedule, please specify them.

Order Time of Payment Grant (worth in KLAY)
1 After ‘KYC/AML’ is completed $70,945
2 After ‘Online Education’ is completed $100,000
3 After ‘Offline Education’ is completed $100,000
4 After ‘Hackathon’ is completed $100,000
5 After ‘Mentoring’ is completed and the educational resources are open-sourced $200,000
  1. Key Deliverables

List the deliverables that 1) you successfully launched and achieved in time. (Please attach image, URL etc. about the project.) and that 2) you failed to deliver. In case of 2), please describe the reason for the failure and provide an alternative solution to the issues.

3-1. Labor cost for crews

$70,000 (Can change depending on how much BEB used so far.)

3-2. Promoted Klaytn

  • Promote Klaytn @States DAO fellowship
    • Opening Ceremony: Heston Cho from Klaytn introduced Klaytn
    • Open Session: “Klaytn, the Metaverse for All.” by Junghyun (Colin) Kim (Video Clip)
  • Promote Klaytn @States DAO IRL Events

Heston Cho from Klaytn presenting at the States DAO Meetup Event

States DAO Meetup Event

Junghyun (Colin) Kim presenting on Klaytn Metaverse

3-3. Became a Part of Klaytn’s Event

  • KLAY Makers 22 (link)
    • Ingi Kim (States DAO founder) was the judge for KLAY Makers
    • Revere Labs(From States DAO’s fellowship) participated in KLAY Makers

Ingi Kim (StatesDAO Founder) participated as the judge

3-4. Mentored Projects on Klaytn

  • The States DAO Fellowship is a 12-week program where we offer mentorship and guild fellows to build their web3 projects. A total of 61 fellows and 9 mentors from around the world participated. ‘
  • We offered grants for teams who build on Klaytn, and there were three projects built on Klaytn: (1) Rentropy (link) (2) Markhor (link) (3) Revere Labs (link) (Github)
    • We are in the process of helping them apply for a grant.
    • States DAO helped them redesign their current pitch deck.

“Rentropy,” from our SDF02 fellowship is built on Klaytn.

  1. Budget

List all activities where operating expenses incurred.

Team Category Items
States DAO 1. Labor cost (crews)
2. Promoted Klaytn Promote Klaytn @States DAO fellowship
  1. Opening Ceremony: Heston Cho from Klaytn introduced Klaytn
  2. Open Session: “Klaytn, the Metaverse for All.” by Junghyun (Colin) Kim

Promote Klaytn @States DAO IRL Events

  1. KBW Side Event’s Partnership|
    ||3. Became a Part of Klaytn’s Event|KLAY Makers 22

  2. Ingi Kim (States DAO founder) was the judge for KLAY Makers

  3. Revere Labs(From States DAO’s fellowship) participated in KLAY Makers|
    ||4. Mentored Projects on Klaytn|States DAO’s NFT projects

Three projects that we mentored throughout our fellowship program were built on Klaytn:

(1) Rentropy

(2) Markhor

(3) Revere Labs|