The 11th KIR: LIKE LION Online and Events for Klaytn Progress Report / Q1 2022


During the first quarter of 2022, LIKE LION have educated over 400 students with a sense of duty on expanding Klaytn ecosystem.

The course covered the concept of blockchain and Klaytn, creating and deploying smart contracts and the overall process of creating BApp. Additional to designed curriculum, we also focused on utilizing Klaytn API Service (KAS) and Klip because it is the key factor to bringing the Klaytn ecosystem’s expansion.

Through our signature Ideathon and Hackathon, we managed to produce meaningful products based on Klaytn. 13 teams have created 13 different Blockchain Applications each with unique stories and utilities.

Project Milestones and Schedule

Key Deliverables

  • LIKE LIKE Online Education Platform (Korea): 288 students

    • Hackathon Track - 100 students
    • VOD Track - 188 students
  • LIKE LION Vietnam: 105 students

    • University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City - 30 students
    • Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities - 75 students
  • LIKE LION’s Alumni: 13 students

    • Special Track for LIKE LION’s bootcamp trainees

Collaboration with Klaytn Foundation

LIKELION collaborated with Klaytn Foundation and Ground X to allow students to display their unique NFT on Klip wallet. Usually, this process takes various evaluation processes, however with whitelisting, students can physically mint personal NFTs through knowledge obtained from the course we provided.

We made a contract for Klaytn API Service (KAS) to provide students with easy access to the Klaytn network.


As part of Stage 2, LIKE LION plans to educate additional 250 students. 150 students in Korea, 100 students in Vietnam.

*Proposed 90,000 USD worth of KLAY upon completion of the Stage 2.

For a better understanding, we revised the bottommost part as follows:

Budget Report

In Q1 2022, we completed Stage 1 training. Accordingly, we politely request a deposit of 144,400 USD worth of KLAY.

Upcoming Stage

As part of Stage 2 (Q2 2022), LIKE LION plans to educate 250 students in Korea and Vietnam. Especially in Korea, we are going to utilize our new education platform (