The 11th Klaytn Improvement Reserve Result

The Number of Proposals

[ LIKELION_Online Education and event for Klaytn ]

Result: Accepted

  • Accepted Budget: USD 450,000
  • Participation Rate: 32%
  • Results: Accepted - 70%, Rejected - 10%

Comments - Accept

  • We think this is good for the development of klaytn Dapp ecosystem and can bring more developers. However, the measurement of actual effects may not be so easy to confirm. Overall, it’s a good thing for the ecosystem
  • Programs through institutions that are influential and can secure a lot of participants like LIKELION will lead to an influx of participants into Klaytn and have a great influence on expanding Klaytn’s ecosystem. However, the education and Ideathon/hackathon that will be conducted do not end with a simple event, and the app developed through the program should be an app that can contribute to Klaytn’s ecosystem.
  • The goal of the project, to help educate others about Klaytn development and Klaytn itself, seems to be of good nature.

Although it is commendable how the project aims to provide not only online training, but also various events such as ideathon and hackerthon,
given the current COVID situation that might prohibit any offline events, and only allow online education / events,

it might be recommendable to review the Total Budget (450,000 USD).

  • The more Klaytn developer education program there is, the better for the Klaytn Ecosystem. Although the budget seems a bit expensive, it would be acceptable if the proposer can ensure participants as planned. It would be great if the proposer can develop resources for non-Korean developers through English-translation.
  • I’m not sure this project will achieve thier milestone to get more than 1,000 students. And I can’t judge the budget is fit or not. But the most important point i can confident is that well made and free education program will give benefits to Klaytn society.
  • It will help revitalize the klaytn ecosystem. Training college student programmers dealing with klaytn is significant.
  • We believe that the Likelion project will bring great value to the Klaytn Improvement Reserve Project and its blockchain ecosystem. We look forward to the advantages that 1,000 well-trained blockchain engineers for the KIR support will bring significance value to the blockchain market. We look forward to the outcome and results from the project and further expand the Klaytn initiative globally!

Comments - Reject

  • Not sure about the ROI. Prefer direct building

Comments - Abstention

  • This proposal is a fun attempt to revitalize Klaytn. However, I am not sure if it should be supported through KIR. And the cost is considerable. It would be good to review how these training programs are conducted in a different way at Klaytn.
  • We agree that education for Klaytn is good for Klaytn ecosystem. but there is some doubt considering the investment amount.