The 17th KIR: Klaytn Ecosystem Audit Fund_Haechi Labs


KLAY Funding

  • Proposed: KLAY worth USD $1,500,000


Brief Introduction of the Project

The competition for bringing viable use-cases between mainnets has been fierce, Klaytn also has sought multiple ways to offer better benefits for all builders. Many builders have struggled with finding and working with a reliable security partner, therefore, working with the trusted security partner, HAECHI AUDIT, would help Klaytn to onboard great use-cases.

HAECHI AUDIT, one of the most reliable security partners, would suggest becoming a regularly available security partner for Klaytn ecosystem builders. As Klaytn set up an audit fund with HAECHI AUDIT, HAECHI AUDIT can offer professional auditing and client-oriented customer services for their security.

Key Deliverables

  • Security Audit Report for each project (Security Audit Certificate included)
  • Within three weeks of the end of every semi-annual period, HAECHI AUDIT will update the progress of this project. The contents includes how many projects we have secured and the deliverables. The auditing reports will also be included except the case the project team rejects to disclose.

The detailed operation plan is developed below:

  1. Request for auditing
    1. Klaytn can introduce key partners to get auditing from HAECHI AUDIT.
    2. After the beginning of this fund, Klaytn will offer detailed information about key projects. The information includes the project name, contact person, timeline and the support ratio. The support ratio means how much Klaytn support the expense for security auditing. This at default 50% but Klaytn can decide up to 100%, which means the remaining amount should be paid by a project team.
      • HAECHI AUIDT can request the client to pay in their project token. The details will be discussed with each client.
    3. If the project team offers the information required for security auditing, HAECHI AUDIT would have the obligation to offer the quality of auditing with the most optimal time based on the request. The project team needs to provide the necessary information before two weeks.
      • The project cannot transfer the right to any third party.
  2. Arrange the expense and timeline
    1. As Klaytn introduce key partners on their priority, HAECHI AUDIT will allocate our resources first come, first served. Actual audit costs for each project would vary depending on the complexity and length of codes.
    2. If the project did not offer the information even if they reserve the slot, 50% of the expenses will be forfeited from the audit fund.
    3. HAECHI AUDIT reserves the right to not to audit a certain project after scoping and evaluation (e.g. below standard, any legitimate concerns, against policy, etc)
  3. Offer the quality security auditing at the optimal timeline
    1. The dedicated security researchers will help key partners to secure their web3 services. Multiple security researchers will review the auditing process and the auditing report as well.
  4. Provide the auditing report and help clients to fix security issues
    1. In case any audit customer does not pay its own bill for any reason within one month after HAECHI AUDIT issues a completed audit report, the unpaid 50% will also be paid from the audit fund allocation.
  5. Request billing for client