Announcing The establishment of the Blockchain Research Center

*Previous announcements of the BRC can be found in the links below:

  1. Research Center Program Announcement
  2. Announcement of the selection of research center

We are excited to announce the establishment of the Blockchain Research Center (BRC). The establishment was sealed with the signing of the executive director of the BRC in the pledge and operation guide of the BRC. For the sake of transparency, the signed pledge and operation guide have been recorded on Klaytn’s Cypress Block:

Since its establishment, the BRC has been preparing for Open Research, which allows external participation to promote transparency and openness. Open Research at the BRC will be ready for registration sometime in November, which will be announced again once the schedule is finalized. As planned, the BRC will also conduct research and community engagement, and periodically share the contents of the Center’s activities. If you have any inquiries regarding the BRC, please contact, until the official channel is created. Thank you for your interest in BRC.