Web Series and Community Anthem for Klaytn


Problem Statement:

  1. Lack of Wider Public Awareness

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space has been gaining popularity in recent times and is witnessing a remarkable expansion in its user base. However, even with its growing reach, there remains a gap between the kind of public awareness that exists, and the kind that may ideally be needed to ensure deeper and wider penetration of cryptocurrency and Blockchain space in general, and Klaytn in particular. For the masses to appreciate the kind of powerful tech and solution that Klaytn offers, they need to understand both the benefits and the challenges of being a cryptocurrency user.

  1. Difficulty in Onboarding New Users

Beyond the problem of a lack of awareness about Klaytn, there is a steep learning curve for those that are interested in educating themselves about Klaytn. We believe this is a major problem that needs to be addressed in order to fulfill the promises of Klaytn to be accessible to all.


We will be a creating 3-4 episodes web series of a developer success story. This web series will have the integration of Klaytn showcasing the impact and help Klaytn provides to the developer ecosystem. This will act as an entertaining and informative way of reaching a wider public regarding the Klaytn.

Team (Individuals, Corporation) Introduction

Introduction Cryptic Entertainments:

We are an Edutainment venture working diligently for the crypto ecosystem. Cryptic Entertainments is home to directors, editors, musicians, mix engineers, cinematographers, illustrators, producers, and others tied together by our one true love—Crypto. Committed to the highest quality production of Art pieces like films, music videos, web series, and short movies. The company platform envisions pioneering, innovative arts that aim to entertain and educate worldwide audiences about the crypto and blockchain space.

Services we offer:

Core Team

  1. Litesh Gumber, CEO of Cryptic Entertainments

Litesh Gumber is an Educationist and a team player who always believed that in order to introduce the “Early Majority” to the crypto and blockchain sector, we have to make learning fun. For this, he brought together 20+ industry experts from the entertainment and crypto ecosystem under one roof, to create meaningful art that’ll act as a catalyst for the present crypto revolution.

  1. Sparsh Dangwal, Creative Head

Sparsh Dangwal is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter English pop artist from India. Sparsh is India’s first artist to perform in the metaverse.

Our Past Work:

We have created anthems for multiple projects like Polygon, Near, Filecoin, ICP etc.

We have created the documentary also on Indian crypto ecosystem which is slated to release on major OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime etc.


We believe art is the most powerful tool to bring revolution around the world. There are numerous examples in the world that proves it right. We believe taking crypto and blockchain to masses art is the way forward. At Cryptic we assembled a team who understands crypto, believes in crypto, and loves crypto. We make songs, documentaries and other content where we give our complete heart and try to bring the masses to the biggest revolution going in human history fuelled by Technology

Project Description

Description of project

Mini-web series

  1. The story revolves majorly around 2 friends who are not happy with their day to day jobs. While the one who’s a famous travel Vlogger is not sure about his financial conditions despite having a large community, the other one is a highly skilled programmer who isn’t happy with his job because of the repetitive nature of day-to-day tasks.

  2. They finally meet and decide to start their own company but are not able to find a problem that they could solve via their venture. After ideating and trying multiple ideas, they start losing hope and eventually decide to return back to their lives but before that, they get to meet a person known as “Crypto Guru” who’s been following Crypto industry since 2010.

  3. The Crypto Guru asks them to solve the problem of high gas fees in various dapps and suggests they should start building Dapps on Klaytn because of its unique features. After their internal discussion they end up choosing NFT marketplace on Klaytn.

  4. Then they start working on NFT marketplace and eventually they get seed funded from the Klaytn Foundation itself and the first season concludes with the release of their new NFT marketplace.

Klaytn Community Anthem

We’ll start working on soundtrack once a small questionnaire is answered by Klaytn team. The questionnaire will give us the required starting points which help us in creating a community anthem which resonates with the vision team Klaytn as well. Once the soundtrack is finalised, we’ll start working on the video part.

Brand Integration - While the anthem will be solely focused on telling people about Klaytn, there will be very soft (organic) integration of Klaytn in the web series which will serve the purpose of creating curiosity about Klaytn among masses. They will tempted to follow and understand the different opportunities in working with the Klaytn. This kind of integration is something which is missing and we believe will bring mass adoption.

Expected Reach-

We will be reaching to 4-5 million people through the campaign. The web series will be released on a platform with minimum 100 million users.

Key Deliverables


This project will have the following deliverables -

  1. Klaytn community anthem Soundtrack released on all the music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TikTok, Instagram, Deezer etc.

  2. Klaytn community anthem Music Video

  3. Teaser

  4. Lyrical Video

  5. Full video

  6. 5 Musical memes

  7. Mini web-series (fiction) in 4K video quality that will be released on one or more OTT platforms like MX player, Disney+ Hotstar, Voot, Zee5 etc.

  8. 4-5 full episodes of 10-12 minutes

  9. 4 teasers

  10. 2 trailers

  11. 5 promos

  12. Background music on all streaming platforms

  13. 10 Posters


We are looking for a total grant of $50,000. We will use the funds for the following:

A) HR cost which includes the following people:

  1. Line Producer
  2. Production Crew
  3. Lyricist
  4. Composer,
  5. Music Producer, Instrumentalists (if any)
  6. 1-2 Lead Vocalists
  7. 2-4 backing Vocalists
  8. Recording Engineer
  9. Mix Engineer
  10. Mastering Engineer
  11. Director
  12. DOP
  13. Editor
  14. 2-3 Runners
  15. 1-2 Performers
  16. Digital Intermediary

B) Setup cost

  1. Recording equipment (Camera, Lighting, mic, etc.)

  2. Infrastructure cost (Recording studio, Video set, etc.)

  3. Miscellaneous expenses

Project Milestones and Schedule

Please refer to the detailed project plan: Project Plan (Mini Web Series ft. Klaytn)


Project Deck: Klaytn<> Cryptic Entertainments

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