The 9th Klaytn Improvement Reserve Result

[Ground X]

Result: Accepted

  • Accepted Budget: USD 450,000
  • Proposal: Klaytn Bug Bounty Program
  • Participation Rate: 52%
  • Results: Accepted - 100%, Rejected - 0 %

Comments - Accept

  • I think the bug bounty is a good opportunity to resolve the uncertainty of the chain that is concerned from the outside.
  • Security is the most important property for blockchain. I agree on this idea.
  • We have been discussing Klaytn bug bounty program for a long time. Klaytn should be checked and monitored by the people outside of Klaytn in order to achieve high level of security and integrity. But usual bug bounty programs take a cash, not a crypto. This opportunity is valuable in that we can leverage KIR to create Klaytn bug bounty program and expand it to other bug bounty players. Also, collaborating with companies providing a bug bounty program platform is a reasonable and practical approach for the bug bounty program to be successfully running while minimizing resource usages of the Klaytn development team.
  • We hope this project can contribute to the higher level of security of the Klaytn Network
  • I think this project will be helpful for improving security of Klaytn network.
  • The project is expected to detect bugs or security issues, and improvements will improve the security and reliability of the Klaytn platform.
  • This program is essential to our platform. It seems that the expected participation rate for this program needs to be more specific.
  • Security is always most important.
  • A motivated project for a better product.
  • Security is very important to any blockchain project and Klaytn should have a Bug Bounty program.
  • We agree that security is important.
  • Security is the most important when we run the system, especially in crypto-finance and DeFi. This proposal will improve the security of the Klaytn mainnet. We hope Ground X keeps considering and propose the security for the Klaytn mainnet. We would like to accept the proposal.
  • Contribution of Securities are good for our community.
  • We hope the Bug Bounty will help make Klaytn more secure and safe
  • I generally agree on this proposal. cause security is a very important aspect.
  • It’s a good business plan.


Result: Accepted

  • Accepted Budget: USD 30,000
  • Proposal: The Mound Dev Camp
  • Participation Rate: 35%
  • Result: Accepted - 91%, Rejected - 9%

Comments - Accept

  • Reasonable price for the project.
  • This kind of event is expected to bring a lot of attention to developers and blockchain fields, exert a lot of influence on DeFi and improve the Klaytn network. We hope Dev Camp will help you create tradition and further strengthen the brand’s image.
  • This camp seems important to expand our ecosystem more widely. However, we don’t have any data regarding the expected participation numbers. We need more specific plans.
  • Bringing Defi is very important to boost Klaytn
  • We hope the Mound Dev Camp will help further develop DeFi space
  • It’s a good business plan.
  • Klaytn has stopped supporting developer ecosystems for a long time. However, dev eco is crucial for a public blockchain platform, and Klaytn needs activities to interact with developers and to increase the developer community. In this regard, this project would be a good stepping stone to foster the developer community at least in the DeFi area. The budget plan might seem too specific, but IMO the team Mound has relatively high visibility and reputation in the DeFi community so they wouldn’t spend the grant without working hard to complete the goals. In addition, I suggest they use some of their budget for the marketing of the event itself.
  • We hope this event can be an opportunity for creating various Defi services based on the Klaytn protocol.
  • Good to involve more dev teams to Klaytn.
  • This project is very worthy.

Comments - Reject

  • I think the result of this project is vague. Training young developers is very good, but I don’t know how they will contribute to the Klaytn ecosystem. I may approve of this project If there are more specific deliverable such as updating the scope website ( or other applications belong to the Klaytn.

Comments - Abstention

  • We decided to abstain for this proposal. Cause we don’t know the exact circumstance for this market. so, to make a decision properly I think I need more information. (i.e detail expenditure list…)
  • Planning intentions and topics seem to be good. However, it would have been better if there was more detailed information such as period/plan. The intention is good, but I’m a little skeptical about its effectiveness.
  • I think that the project needs a detailed plan.
  • We do not know much about Mound team in Korea, so our feedback for this proposal will be neutral.