The 9th KIR: Mound_The Mound Dev Camp


KLAY Funding

  • Proposed: KLAY worth USD 30,000


Brief Introduction of the Project

Although we take great pride as team Mound in our innovation and our development processes, we are always on the look out and open to new ideas. With this opportunity, Mound would like to offer and create that innovation space for like-minded individuals and teams to create workable projects that can impact not only the DeFi space, but the entire world as the trend moves towards crypto-finance. Klaytn Improvement Reserve support for this Project can bolster the requirements by offering the incubating period of potential DeFi developers, further improving the Klaytn Network.

While the topics of the projects conducted by the participants is free for their choosing,
(within the realm of DeFi), we have outlined 4 subjects for guidance that we believe will benefit Klaytn Network the most:

  1. Smart Contract Wallet Application
  2. Arbitrage Trading Bot
  3. Smart Contract White Hacking
  4. Any topic within the subject of DeFi (as this is a new industry, there is always space for innovation)

The first subject can push the boundaries of DeFi space into the users’ hands and their smartphones, improving UX and eliminating the barrier to entry. The second subject is all about speed. The success of Binance Chain and other popular DeFi ecosystems largely borrow themselves to developing large-scale, high-speed trading systems and algorithms. While Bunny project was built on Binance Smart Chain, our success so far is due to the crosschain functionality, allowing access to the ETH network and its arbitrage system. The third, and final subject is all about security. One common disadvantage of DeFi is, since it is a fairly new system, there are still many gaping vulnerabilities to address for. Even with security audits, the continued evolution and constant development of new products and services will always pose a threat and challenge. The amount of innovation required to create a solution to smart contract hacking is just as important as the above two other topics.

As described above, creating this innovative space for young professionals, developers and students alike, we believe this opportunity will benefit both Klaytn and Mound as private corporations involved in this space is limited to academia, research and small private groups for now. There is no better time or opportunity to start the tradition of Dev Camps for the development of DeFi space like a hackathon.

With Klaytn Improvement Reserve accepting this Project Proposal, not only does the act give out a signal that DeFi can be normalized, but also raise the importance and awareness that coding, development and teamwork is essential to grow the DeFi community.
With strong support for the Project from Klaytn Network, Mound will direct participating members to develop on-chain of the Klaytn Network, further bolstering the image of Klaytn and its brand for the younger generation.

With these challenges ahead, we only see new opportunities to solve by delivering innovative products and, with the acceptance of Klaytn Improvement Reserve in initiating this Project, together, we can build on new systems, improve security and expand the DeFi ecosystem.

Key Deliverables

  • Organization of a training camp for young developers

The initial disbursement is completed. Please confirm your receipt through a reply