The 8th Klaytn Improvement Reserve Result

The Number of Proposals


[ NetS&P Lab (KAIST) ]


  • Accepted Budget : USD 150,000 (The budget will be provided in KLAY)
  • Proposal: Securing and Improving BFT Consensus Protocols with Advanced Networking]
  • Participation rate : 44%
  • Results : Accepted - 91%, Rejected - 9%

Comments - Accept

  • While Klaytn adopted Istanbul BFT as its main consensus mechanism, research on analyzing potential risks of Istanbul BFT has not been conducted. This research project will help enhance the security of Klaytn networks and also provide possibility of improving the scalability of Istanbul BFT consensus protocol using programmable switches.
  • This project seems to be quite beneficial to Klaytn to figure out security loophole and prevent performance decline from network problem if any. Can’t add technically appropriate insight for the approach proposed though, this project may be able to play the part of corp internal research and development to maintain Klaytn at high quality state.
  • To make Klaytn more secure and scalable.
  • An explanation on how the research could be beneficial to Klaytn would be appreciated.
  • It’s good to support the project as Byzantine Fault Tolerance problem is big issue for any blockchain ecosystem
  • I think there is an advantage in that it can operate blockchain services more comfortably on the platform by increasing the scalability and speed of the Klaytn platform.
  • Yes. It’s always good for the project in long term to fund new research, especially in securing the concensus protocol, from a high reputation institute like KAIST. The requested amount of funding (150K USD) is reasonable too.

Comments - Reject

  • At present, more things should be promotion and operation.

Comments - Abstention

  • As this one is technical, it would be great if there’s a simple overview on pros and cons of such proposal.