The 7th KIR : SKKRYPTO_MDAG Website


KLAY Funding

Proposal & Progress Reports


  • Rejected at its 1st interim review
  • Period : 2021.2. ~ 2021.08. (expected)

Brief Introduction of the Project

Digital assets are growing steadily with the development of blockchain. This growth is
expected to bring about a significant change in our society, with the emergence of various
services as well as changes in the existing monetary and asset systems. However,
despite these changes, we think there is still a very limited way for many people to get the
relevant information clearly. This make it hard to get the attention of various generations.
So, We need channels to provide accurate information on blockchain and digital assets.

This document contains a proposal for the development of MDAG Website to improve the
public interest in blockchain and digital assets for Klaytn ecosystem. The goal of this
project is to activate MDAG community, which will be a key information provider, and to
be the first reference related to blockchain and digital assets for MZ generations. To
achieve this, we will provide various functions in MDAG Website. Specifically, MDAG
Website will offer an environment where the community users can easily share the content
produced with MDAG members, as well as functions such as Notice, Team Build, Direct
Message(DM), and Badge required for the MDAG community management and operation
process. In the future, after MDAG governance is established stably, the goal is to issue
MDAG’s own token and, also, to become a community that can apply a framework such
as Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Key Deliverables

MDAG Website

Here, 3 key deliverables are included as following #1 Functional Specifications Report, #2
Development of MDAG Website for Klaytn, and #3 User Feedback. Our core product is
the MDAG Website and each deliverable contains the following items.

1. Functional Specifications Report

  • Research report on how to configure MDAG Website
  • Design architecture and wireframe satisfying the requirement according to
    research report
  • (As a Additional Activity) Recruiting MDAG 2nd members and completing
    operational policy

2. Development of MDAG Website for Klaytn

  • Main Features
    • About MDAG
    • Contents
    • Klaytn / Klip News & Klaytn Bapp
    • Build Team
  • Sub Features
    • Direct Messages
    • Hackhaton
    • Q & A

3. BugFix & Maintenance

  • Fixing bugs reported by community users
  • Adding new features that users require

@Prop_skkrypto Hello, SKKRYPTO Team,
Could you have the plan to operate this website regarding community activities (Not technical things)

Building the website is also important, but we think that the community activities that will be carried out are more important.

Thank you for asking questions about our KIR and sorry for the late reply.
The attached files are the activities to be carried out within the MDAG Community.
I hope it helps you refer to it.

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@Prop_skkrypto I have one more question.
Could you tell me the plan to do operation and maintenance after the website development regarding cost and others?

*It doesn’t need any papers. please reply as a specific comment :).


Thank you for your question.

I’m not planning to run MDAG Website for just six months. I thought I would need more server costs and more new features while running MDAG, so I was planning to submit KIR one more time to expand the MDAG website and launch mobile apps when the project was completed.

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@Prop_skkrypto Thanks for the quick response

The main point that I wonder is how to maintain MDAG website(or mobile app) without KIR funding. :slight_smile: Could you tell me the plan after KIR funding?

As you said, applying to KIR again is also fine but it cant be forever. so you should make the plan to maintain and operate this by itself.

@Klaytn_KIR Sorry. Yes, I think you must have been curious about that part.

When all KIR projects are completed, MDAG will be able to grow on its own. We will not try to make much profit because we are an academic society that studies and informs digital assets and we are not a company.

MDAG will grow into advertising revenue, YouTube channel revenue, and BApp promotion revenue from various blockchain companies.


@Prop_skkrypto Hello, 1st KLAY Funding is implemented. Please check and reply as a thread.

tx : Klaytnscope

Yes, I received it well. Thank you

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Hi, thanks for your proposal and work for MDAG

  • Where can I find your progress report on the first milestone? It seems that the first milestone should be finished by the end of Feb. Is that correct?

  • According to your proposal, the initial release of MDAG is due by the end of April, which is 3 weeks from today :D. Is everything ok? If you need any inputs from the community, you can ask.

Thanks :smiley:

Hello syko, thanks for your interest in our project

The answers to the two questions are as follows.

  • Originally, the first milestone will be uploaded by the end of Feb. In fact, our project started in mid-February. So, the original proposal had been partially rescheduled.
    Even if the scheduled funding date is postponed, the preparation period has been extended for more complete projects. We expect the first milestone to be completed in the fourth week of April.

  • The original date of MDAG recruitment has changed a little. What we planned was to build an offline MDAG community, but it is currently difficult to proceed due to the COVID-19.
    Therefore, we are preparing new alternatives and the details about this issue will be revealed in following progress report.

Thank you again for your interest, and if you have any further questions, feel free to tell us. :grinning:

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Thanks for your prompt response and being transparent!

Your explanation makes sense a lot. I will be looking forward to your first progress report. You can include the adjusted schedule there :smiley:


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We will try to keep preparing thoroughly and show you our best.

We ask for your continued interest.

Thank you, syko.