The 6th Klaytn Improvement Reserve Result

The Number of Proposals


1. Ozys_Klaytn Scope

Result - Accepted
  • Accepted Budget : Amount of KLAY $500,000 worth
  • Proposal : Ozys_Klaytn Scope
  • Participation rate : 43%
  • Results : Accepted - 92%, Rejected - 8%

Comments - Accept

  • NFT is essential for klaytn chain. and Ozys have worked impressively so far.

  • I think there is a good concept in Klaytn Scope proposal. It is essential to have good NFT monitoring function on the Klaytn chain. I also think Ozys have good team to implement the project.

  • We are pleased to have the functional expansion of Klaytnscope powered by Ozys. Most importantly, it’s well-aligned to Klaytn’s core business strategy of NFT token features. Also hope adopting the mobile friendly UI enhances usabilities of general end-users. Thank you.

  • Much needed infrastructure for Klaytn as we believe NFT is one of the core sectors that Klaytn will see major growth.

  • Providing user-friendly information on NFT transaction seems useful and good for the community. Regardless of the usefulness of the project, I find whether the funding amount is appropriate or not is hard to judge, without comparing to the market situation.

Comments - Reject

  • We don’t oppose at all the scope and importance of project described in the proposal, but the budget seems too high compared to other projects that are already funded or under review.

2. Zkrypto_ZKlay

Result - Accepted
  • Accepted Budget : Amount of KLAY $300,000 worth
  • Proposal : Zkrypto_ZKlay
  • Participation rate : 43%
  • Results : Accepted - 73%, Rejected - 27%

Comments - Accept

  • I think this solution can offer convenience and usability to KLAYTN platform.
    This solution has the potential to engage more people to our platform.

  • They proposed ZKP with verifiability, enabling transactions to comply with financial regulation. The advantage is the minimal change of Klaytn core by implementing their solution in smart contracts. The team is well talented and specialized in cryptography and ZKP. In addition, the project leader, professor Oh, is participating in international zk-SNARK standardization. It will help the final solution be applied to the standardization. I think they have put in a reasonable budget.

  • Applying Zero Knowledge Proof based solution to Klaytn can give us good benefits for privacy of transactions especially when it comes to financial business such as DeFi, STO, and etc. However, it seems somewhat conceptual, not practical for any specific Bapps in this level and further practical implementations would be needed later. Still, we are supportive of such contributions for the developments of Klaytn networks. Thank you.

  • The addition of private transaction option for KLAY will be a great addition into the ecosystem. However, main concerns are around the sustainability of the project. We hope to see this project not stop at R&D but reach the production level protocol for users.

  • Privacy and verifiability is an important problem for public chains. This will provide a stepping stone for scope expansion of Klaytn.

  • Safety should always be primary consideration.

Comments - Reject

  • ZKLay, this is a relatively old concept of blockchain. This team is using ZCash technology (since 2016) implementing on Klaytn chain. Zero-knowledge-probe has many different ways to run. I don’t see much opportunity in the implementation phase of ZKlay in terms of Klaytn chain.

  • Given that the deliverables should have a high level of reliability, we could not have confidence that the team with 10 students and 6 months is able to implement the deliverables at a level that can be applied to Klaytn network.
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