The 6th KIR : Ozys_Klaytn Scope


KLAY Funding

Proposal & Progress Reports


  • On review
  • Period : 2020.10. ~ 2021.03. (expected)

Brief Introduction of the Project

As the Klaytn network ecosystem grows to add various Bapps (blockchain apps), different
types of digital assets are emerging. Along with DeFi (Decentralized Finance) projects, one
of the rising blockchain fields is NFT (Non-Fungible tokens), a special type of cryptographic
token that represents something unique and are not mutually interchangeable. NFTs have
already had real-world utility with some recent examples being tokenization of art for
auctions, and the current outlook is that the adoption and growth of NFTs will continue.
While other public chains have websites with ways to track NFTs on their blockchain, Klaytn
currently lacks any way to search and manage NFTs. We want to further the work we have
already done with Klaytn Scope and contribute to the fundamental infrastructure of Klaytn by
adding Klaytn network-based NFT search and tracking functionality to Klaytn Scope. We
also want to automate the registration process of adding tokens and NFTs and verifying
contracts. Lastly, we would like to create a reactive, mobile friendly UI for users on mobile

Key Deliverables

Klaytn Scope

Klaytn Scope has the role of providing, to users in a user- friendly form, a comprehensive
range of information that accurately and efficiently conveys the status of the ecosystem at
any given time. While ozys previously achieved that goal with our previous work on Klaytn
Scope, we are taking it further by enabling seamless viewing and tracking of NFTs.
Furthermore, automated registration of tokens/NFTs and contract verification will create a
more comprehensive Klaytn Scope

To achieve this and asses its success, ozys will

  1. Have a load test to see how much the system can withstand (TX per second), using
    the current test used by Klayton Scope.
  2. Test the comprehensiveness of the NFT list.
  3. Oversee the stability and response time of the NFT transfer list.
  4. Contact the various BApp companies that use or show Klaytn transactions to
    integrate their transaction links to the new and updated Scope.
  5. Testing automation with a variety of creative paramenters.
  6. Testing on different mobile devices to make sure that the interface is compatible with
    each one and all pages work as intended.
  7. Utilize the current Klaytn Scope infrastructure for a stable product launch.
  8. Handle the access traffic in the same way as Klaytn Scope currently does.
  9. Monitoring transactions that occur in the Klaytn network so that users can safely use
    the network.

Please note that the key deliverables mentioned above are broad themes. They may be
modified or added to due to changes in development. We plan to continuously update
materials related to this operation through further collaboration and discussion with Klaytn to
take an optimal direction at every turn. ozys will share any updates or technical changes in
regards to the plan.

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Thanks for your proposal. I would like to ask more like below.

You proposed the server cost is $10,000 USD/Month. Could let us know the detail basis for the cost? It will be helpful for us to consider if the cost is reasonable.

You suggested the new NFT feature. Could you shows us the comparing table with other similar service like It can helps us to know if this feature is enough or not.

Hi Ethan,

I’m writing here for you about the server specifications.

en spec (After internal tx was completed)

  • baobab : m5.2xlarge x2 (base + internal)
  • cypress : c5.4xlarge x2 (base + internal) + m5.2xlarge ( base for failover )

Storage 8500GB (Main)
Storage io1

fronted: cloudflare + s3
backend: cloudflare + els + t3.small x 12 (baobab 4 + cypress 7 + contract_admin)
cypress batcher: m5.xlarge
baobab batcher: c5.xlarge
cache: cache.t3.micro x Multi AZ
cypress: db.r5.large x Multi AZ
baobab: db.r5.large x Multi AZ

Additional costs may be incurred for continuous maintenance after the first set.

As for the comparison chart with Etherscan and our NFT page proposals, please review the PDF attached to the proposal to see images and explanation of our of Klaytn Scope NFT pages designs.

Thank you.

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@prop_kewwon 1st Progress Report is passed. Additional KLAY Funding will be implemented on Feb 25th (If there is some change, I’ll notify you again.

@prop_kewwon Hello, additional KLAY Funding is implemented. Please check and reply as a thread.