The 6th KIR :Ozys_Klaytn Scope_Progress Report(1)

Klaytn Improvement Reserve: Progress Report


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are not interchangeable, which are blockchain-based tokens, and their value is determined by scarcity. In particular, NFTs issued on the blockchain cannot be copied or altered, and it is currently receiving a lot of attention from the market with those key features. In addition, the use of NFT is rapidly increasing, taking advantage of the asset digitization trend by using the strength of making assets into NFTs, storing them safely in the blockchain system, and transacting. In line with this NFT trend, various attempts are being made on Klaytn as well.

ozys proposed a feature update on KlaytnScope, making it easier for users or participants of the Klaytn ecosystem to search various information including NFTs’ transaction history that occurred on the Klaytn network. The following items are added by ozys to implement NFT’s search functions on KlytnScope. 1) ‘NFT’ page 2) ‘Token ID’ search function, 3) ‘Account’ page, and 4) ‘Search result’ page, 5) further development of mobile version. This Progress Report contains details on the progress from the time it was initially proposed to the present.

Project Milestones and Schedule

As we proceed with this KIR, we intend to progress updates in several areas. Along with the KlaytnScope’s NFT function, which is the main task, we plan to make the mobile response better and token/contract registration process easier. Below is a table describing our current progress as shown in the previous schedule table.

Project Start Date: October 1, 2020
Project End Date: March 30, 2021


Sample Link 1 - Klaytnscope
Sample Link 2- Klaytnscope
Sample Link 3- Klaytnscope
Sample Link 4- Klaytnscope
Sample Link 5- Klaytnscope
Sample Link 6- Klaytnscope

Key Deliverables

KlaytnScope, as a viewer and monitoring tool of the Klaytn blockchain, has to provide a stable function in order for users to check and search various information or data related to the network in a user-friendly way. Focusing on these points, ozys has conducted self-verification and achieved some key deliverables through sufficient tests to ensure seamless, user-friendly and stable operation.

  1. Have a load test to see how much the system can withstand (TX per second), using the current test used by Klayton Scope.

Completed- Load test has been conducted, and all transactions are confirmed to be stably reflected.

  1. Test the comprehensiveness of the NFT list.

Completed- After completing the tests for the NFT list in the Baobab testnet environment, it was updated into the main network.

  1. Oversee the stability and response time of the NFT transfer list.

Completed/Work in progress- After being applied to the main network, we are continuously monitoring and checking the stability and response speed of transfer.

  1. Contact the various BApp companies that use or show Klaytn transactions to integrate their transaction links to the new and updated Scope.

In progress- We are in communication with the projects issuing NFTs with GroundX, requesting necessary information for contract verification and token registration.

  1. Testing automation with a variety of creative parameters.

In progress

  1. Testing on different mobile devices to make sure that the interface is compatible with each one and all pages work as intended.

Completed - Tests have been conducted in various mobile devices and environments, and any issues on the page screen will be corrected by continuous monitoring.

  1. Utilize the current Klaytn Scope infrastructure for a stable product launch.


  1. Handle the access traffic in the same way as Klaytn Scope currently does.

Completed- Stably reflects the latest block data.

  1. Monitoring transactions that occur in the Klaytn network so that users can safely use the network.

In progress

We plan to continuously update materials related to this operation through further collaboration and discussion with Klaytn to take an optimal direction at every turn. ozys will share any updates or technical changes in regards to the plan.


For this update of KlaytnScope, ozys plans to invest its resources in various areas such as analysis, development, and server use. The table below contains the status of input resources for each field and details of the server used.


Server Specifications

  • en spec (After internal tx was completed)
  • baobab : m5.2xlarge x2 (base + internal)
  • cypress : c5.4xlarge x2 (base + internal) + m5.2xlarge ( base for failover )
  • Storage 8500GB (Main)
  • Storage io1
  • fronted: cloudflare + s3
  • backend: cloudflare + els + t3.small x 12 (baobab 4 + cypress 7 + contract_admin)
  • cypress batcher: m5.xlarge
  • baobab batcher: c5.xlarge
  • cache: cache.t3.micro x Multi AZ
  • cypress: db.r5.large x Multi AZ
  • baobab: db.r5.large x Multi AZ
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