The 5th Klaytn Improvement Reserve Result

The Number of Proposals

  • Accepted : 1
  • Rejected : 0


[ S2W LAB ]


  • Accepted Budget : Amount of KLAY $306,000 worth
  • Proposal : S2_EYEZ
  • Participation rate : 43%
  • Results : Accepted - 92%, Rejected - 8%

Comments - Accept

  • It would be helpful for Klaytn network running more financial applications.

  • We have agreed on this protection. In the past, we had an experience of unexpected behaviour of financial transaction on-chain. Sometime we found it too late with legacy discovery way. It would be great if we have a better tool to detect those activities sooner, easily and effectively in the future in Klaytn. Good luck on the project.

  • Technical details was hard to judge, but overall I believe it can help to encourage and show commitment to improve accountability of Klaytn network.

  • Klaytn is focusing on De Fi projects. So this project will be a good player for klaytn chain.
  • This project will make a useful layer to analyze onchain data of Klaytn for community, so anyone can create their own analytics service based on the layer. Also, someone would build an AML solution for Klaytn which may be applied to our wallet services. As I know, there is no onchain data analysis tool for community in other platforms. The output will be our competency against other platforms.

  • We believe that this project is essential to establish a healthy Klaytn ecosystem.
    However, it seems that the cost of resources, which is required for creating UX for on-chain analysis, is a bit high. In addition, we suggest that UX is enhanced with stronger visibility.

Comments - Reject

  • It’s hard to find short or long term crucial benefits for the Klaytn ecosystem based on the proposal.
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