The 5th KIR : S2WLAB_"S2_EYEZ"


KLAY Funding

Proposal & Progress Reports


  • Accepted
  • Period : 2020.11. ~ 2021.05. (expected)

Brief Introduction of the Project

Cryptocurrencies offer benefits to our society in that decentralized trading mechanisms
motivate new businesses with fewer restrictions, but are also actively leveraged in illicit
transactions involved in perpetrators who hope to conceal the identities. Cryptocurrencies
are designed to allow users to make financial decisions freely, which motivates transaction
parties to perform any kind of fraud such as money laundering. Moreover, a complex
transaction history has burdened analysts with poor financial data accessibility, while a block
explorer provides a GUI interface to access blockchain data, which is not suitable for
on-chain financial transaction analysis.

The purpose of this project is to improve data access quality to the Klaytn mainnet in terms
of on-chain analysis functions specifically focusing on financial transactions. To achieve this,
we propose a Klaytn on-chain analysis framework, called S2_EYEZ for Klaytn, which
provides a well-structured development environment for implementing a wide range of
on-chain analysis applications. It supports high-performance financial transaction analysis as
well as implementation transparency. We provide development libraries, sample
applications, and benchmark results.

Key Deliverables


1. Technical report

  • Analysis report about technical requirements to reconstruct Klaytn’s financial
    transaction data.
  • Design architecture satisfying the requirements to support high-performance
    on-chain analysis functions.
  • A list of prototyped external APIs for providing general purpose analysis

2. Development environment

  • Providing publicly accessible external APIs as a development environment.

3. Bug fix & Benchmark report

  • Providing a user document
  • Sample applications to validate external APIs.
  • Fixing bugs reported by users.
  • Benchmark results of on-chain analysis functions.
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Hello, 1st KLAY funding is done. If you have any question, feel free to ask me

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Thank you for funding KLAY. We are working on the project.

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@Prop_S2WLAB_SH Addition KLAY funding is done (21.01.27) :slight_smile:
Please check the funding and reply this.

Thanks, I checked the account!

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