The 4th Klaytn Improvement Reserve Result

The Number of Proposals

  • Accepted : 1
  • Rejected : 0


[ Quantstamp ]


  • Accepted Budget : Amount of KLAY $260,000 worth
  • Proposal : RT-Monitoring
  • Participation rate : 83%
  • Results : Accepted - 80%, Rejected - 20%

Comments - Accept

  • A great addition to the Klaytn ecosystem for better security and branding through Quantstamp.
  • I would love to see the Quantstamp team helps Klaytn to maintain its security and sustainability.
  • If DeFi projects will run on klaytn chain. This project would be good for the klaytn ecosystem. so I am gonna support this project.

Comments - Reject

  • Although the proposal describes well about Quantstamp and its members, it doesn’t give enough details about the project, e.g., system architecture, alert system, system operation, etc. Especially, we couldn’t see how the monitoring system is constituted and how it will be operated after the development. In addition, the budget details contain quite high wages, which seem too high thus difficult to agree.



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