The 3rd KIR(Ellipti) Interim Review Result

[ Ellipti ]

Result : Rejected


  • Participation rate : 66%
  • Accepted - 50%, Rejected - 50%

Comments - Accept

  • Publishing and PR on digital assets seems to be a great way to share Klaytn’s direction. However, the proposer needs to share more specific plans and progress through the Forum. If it continues, we ask for active communication through the Forum
  • Having completed a draft of only one report in one launguage does not seem on par with the Klay payment (25% so far). Upon payment of 50% of Klay (29500 klay), 50% progress in terms of number of reports should be confirmed. We suggest that matching (quantitatively at least) progress becomes a prerequisite for further klay payment.

Comments - Reject

  • As GC members mentioned last time, it is still unclear the standards of budget calculation and details of overseas community build.
  • Reports of Ellipti are not that quality stuff. GC have to reconsider funding for this project.