The 3rd KIR : Ellipti_In-depth research & PR (Report publication)


KLAY Funding

  • Proposed : 59,000 KLAY
  • Accepted : 59,000 KLAY
  • Total Received Amount: 14,750 KLAY
    • 20.08.25 : 14,750 KLAY (Tx)

Proposal & Progress Reports


  • Rejected at 1st interim review
  • Previous Step
    • Will be publishing 1st report about a digital asset on Aug 2 week
    • Period : 2020.08 ~ 2020.11

Brief Introduction of the Project

Co-operation on In-depth research about Digital Assets (Report publication)
Ellipti, as an ecosystem builder, will support the Klaytn ecosystem in terms of contents

Key Deliverables

  1. In-depth research (Report publication)
  2. Number of reports published
  3. Choose the right topics that would help sharing Klaytn’s message

@Prop_ellipti Hello~,

The report publication schedule seems to have changed.
Please write in the comments of the proposal.
(Related information : the reason, timeline, and so on. )

Thanks for the feedback team :slight_smile:

Reason: Importance of the first draft & Needs for better sync-up between Klaytn & Ellipti for the contents
Expected timeline: This week (24-28th)

Will report soon with the finalized draft. cc. @GC_Members

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