The 2nd KIR : Ground1_Klaytn Fee Delegation


KLAY Funding

  • Proposed: 1,825,000 KLAY
  • Accepted: 1,825,000 KLAY
  • Total Received Amount to Date: 150,000 KLAY
    • 20.07.08 : 50,000 KLAY (Tx)
    • 20.12.09 : 100,000 KLAY (Tx)
    • 21.03.17 : 200,000 KLAY (Tx)

Proposal & Progress Reports


  • Launched, Klaytn Fee Delegation
  • Period : 2020.06 ~ 2021.07

Brief Introduction of the Project

In commemoration of the 1st anniversary, Klaytn is conducting a free gas fee project to expand the blockchain ecosystem and boost services and businesses based on Klaytn. Through the opportunity, service companies and developers that want to develop and operate blockchain services are able to utilize Klaytn Cypress without paying the gas fee by themselves. It means that Klaytn will provide them with special accounts used for fee delegation and thus they will not have to pay the transaction fees by themselves. As a result, they can expect to reduce the costs required to develop and operate services. Moreover, through this opportunity, Klaytn strongly believes that various service companies will be launched on Klaytn, and many services will be launched to enable the utilization of KLAY and expansion of the ecosystem.

To proceed with the project, Klaytn requests Ground 1 Corp, that has been leading the development of Klaytn, to operate the project and asks the development of the application page, KLAY administration page and its account management for operating the project. Additionally, Ground 1 Corp. must provide clear rationale and evidence to receive KLAY through Klaytn’s KIR (Klaytn Improvement Reserve). Klaytn’s Governance Council will have online judgement and convention to approve if KLAY needed to run the project presented by Ground 1 Corp…

Key Deliverables

Klaytn Cypress 1st Anniversary Campaign (Free Gas Fee)

It is often a big obstacle for developers to purchase KLAY from the exchange to develop their own project and service. The goals to be achieved through the implementation of free gas fee through the Klaytn Cypress 1st anniversary campaign are as follows.

  • Promoting/Recognizing Klaytn, Asia #1 Blockchain Platform, to the public

    • Klaytn, a fast, secure and service-centric blockchain platform, is highlighted with the campaign, which supports developers to build the service based on blockchain.
  • Klaytn Ecosystem Expansion

    • Expansion of Klaytn-based blockchain ecosystem.
    • Securing opportunities for the developer community to be active.
  • Raise the quantity of blockchain services onboarding Klaytn

    • Through this campaign, various opportunities for launching new services on Klaytn will be provided.
    • Creating utility value of KLAY through various services launched
  • Expanding opportunities to improve blockchain technology

    • Providing a base environment for testing blockchain technology by using KLAY for free.
    • Opportunity to migrate good services launched on other platforms.
    • Expected that a technology company that can develop various tools required for blockchain services will grow in Klaytn ecosystem.
  • Creating an environment for blockchain startups

    • Provides blockchain startups with an environment for service development through free gas fee.
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