The 1st KIR : Ozys_Klaytn Scope/IDE


KLAY Funding

  • Proposed: 1,000,000 KLAY
  • Accepted: 1,000,000 KLAY
  • Total Received Amount to Date: 1,000,000 KLAY
    • 20.07.22. : 333,333 KLAY (Tx)
    • 20.08.25. : 333,333 KLAY (Tx)
    • 20.10.07. : 333,334 KLAY (Tx)

Proposal & Progress Reports


  • Launched, Klaytn SCOPE/IDE In maintenance
  • Period : 2020.04 ~ 2020.09

Brief Introduction of the Project

As a blockchain technology company, Ozys will have an update for the Klaytn Network’s explorer and further development to provide a better user experience. Through this project, all users, including Klaytn BApp users, can easily search various information on the Klaytn network, which is expected to make a great contribution to the expansion of the ecosystem. Thus, Ozys would like to apply for this KIR program in order to be recognized for its value what Ozys contributes to the development of a fundamental infrastructure in Klaytn.

Key Deliverables

Klaytn Scope

As a viewer role of the chain, Klaytn Scope aims to provide information by reflecting various
traffic from users so it would be 1the most important to properly provide a comprehensive
range of information (even if a level of specific information are very low, Klaytn Scope should
provide the information that users need) with a form of user-friendly.
To achieve the goal, Ozys will

  1. have a load test how big it can withstand (Tx per second), using the current test type
    that Klaytn uses.
  2. respond the Explorer-related inquiries such as Token Whitelisting, Smart Contract
    Code Verification, and others through an email ending with or other
  3. contact companies that use or show Klaytn transactions to integrate the transaction
    links to the Scope link. (Klip, Upbit, and various BApps would be included in the
    company types but not limited).
  4. utilize the current Klaytn Scope infrastructure for the stable product launch.
  5. handle the access traffic as a same way of the current Klaytn Scope


Since it is a site for developers who want to learn about Klaytn and build their products on
Klaytn, IDE aims to provide an environment supporting them to easily test, deploy, and write
smart contract.

To achieve the goal, Ozys will

  1. produce a manual or documentation so that developers can easily access.
  2. continuously develop and add features by receiving opinions from users.
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