The 18th KIR: Questbook_Klaytn Developer Grant Platform


KLAY Funding

  • Proposed: KLAY worth USD 1.65M


Brief Introduction of the Project

This document contains a proposal for CreatorOS Inc ( to build a decentralized DAO based platform and service for grant and bounty program operations and management for Klaytn. The focus of this product and service is to provide assistance in tooling and operations leading towards the Klaytn grant and bounty program being managed in a largely decentralized fashion.

Key Deliverables

Powered by Questbook on-chain grants management tool, we aim to enable Delegated Domain Allocator based Klaytn Grants Ecosystem Fund and enable it to run independently driven by the Klaytn community.

Objective Metrics
● The prime objective of this model is to have domains that align with the. Klaytn’s priorities like Risk, Security etc. This way the contribution of the projects as part of the grants program is directly adding value to the DAO and the token holders.
● Increase in number of builders & projects being funded
● Increase in homegrown leadership to run grant programs (measured by the number of people running grant programs)
● Increase in community members’ participation to keep grant programs accountable (measured by the number of people looking at the dashboard and participating in no-confidence motion votes)
● Diversity in projects being funded - across technologies, geographies, demographics, etc. We encourage the community to regularly review the project domains, during the Klaytn developer/community calls and also posting on Klaytn Forum. The grants team will also propose a few domains like public goods, if there is a major traction, we will double down by allocating a % of funds to such domains.
● Increased engagement in builder communities

Subjective Metrics
● An increase in community involvement keeps the grant program accountable
● Builders’ sentiment toward Klaytn
● Klaytn’s brand recognition in builder circles

Regarding Management and Operations of Klaytn Developer Bounty Platform by the CreatorOS team:
● Deliverable 1: Setting up and running the developers grant program for Klaytn on chain
● Deliverable 2: Process optimization
● Deliverable 3 : Decentralizing the process
● Deliverable 4 : Integrating other platforms


Very excited in making the entire process of grants and bounties fast, transparent and efficient.

Also thrilled to be working with Klaytn to connect Klaytn to the Indian developers community :slight_smile:


Very excited to see this proposal move forward.

At Questbook, we have built a thoughtful approach to partnering with a broad spectrum of organizations in developing and delivering value around management of their grants program.

I recently wrote a piece on Organizational Models (linked below) that may help with some additional context on the work we have done with some of these organizations to date:

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