The 18th KIR: KLAYTN NFT On- Chain data and market analysis tool


KLAY Funding

  • Proposed: KLAY worth USD 212,000


Brief Introduction of the Project

NFT Analysis tool is a responsive web-based service that allows users to easily view various data from the KLAYTN collections. Various analysis information is provided to prevent unethical trading behavior and to enable users to select Klaytn NFT projects.
The information from the NFT analysis tool can continue to gain trust in the NFT ecosystem and become an essential tool for investors’ decision-making.
We operate a space to introduce potential and outstanding NFT projects to attract global users to the KLAYTN ecosystem. In addition, we will develop Discord bots and Twitter bots to contribute on vitalizing the community.

Key Deliverables

Provides analysis information so that KLAYTN NFT investors can easily inquire the market status and asset details.
KLAYTN NFT market is an environment where it is difficult for global users to invest because domestic users are mainly active. We will help the KLAYTN ecosystem to expand its global presence by providing an environment where global users can analyze market status and projects on their own.
Analytics data can be found on the NFT STAT website and go through the membership registration process. Users can check data such as Market Cap, number of transactions, trading volume, number of trader, Volume by marketplace, holder information, asset change, etc.
We plan to develop and distribute a Discord bot that can be used by NFT projects and alpha channel communities. Users can view NFT holder verification and KLAYTN market data free of charge in discord. In addition, by developing Twitter automatic posting bot, we plan to provide Twitter with power rankings, top price sales, and floor price information every day.

  1. NFT collections Research report
  • Survey of over 200 collections listed on Opensea.
  • Minted date, Minted price, offical website, twitter, discord, instagram url.
  • Collection category, Whether to issue tokens, Related collections.
  • Whether Opensea trade closed, Migration, VC information.
  1. Data analysis tool Development
  • Providing publicly accessible responsive website environment.
  • Providing as chart data.
  1. Discord & Twitter bot Development
  • Discord bot release for the NFT project community.
  • Twitter bot development for automatic posting on official Twitter.