The 18th KIR: Blockwave Labs_Multi-Wallet Dashboard & NFT aggregator Project


KLAY Funding

  • Proposed: KLAY worth USD 103,200 / 6month


Brief Introduction of the Project

  1. MEPE is a multi-wallet dashboard and NFT aggregator, characterized by improving the
    UI/UX of the existing NFT dashboard and enabling the import of crypto assets from
    multiple chains.
  2. MEPE supports issuing NFTs to multiple chains in one page.
  3. Our goal is to link MEPE tokens with Klaytn to enable cross-chain staking and token
    collateralized loans. In addition, by giving utility to Klay, many blockchain communities
    and web2 users are onboarding the crypto scene to expand the ecosystem and liquidate
    the token.

Key Deliverables


  • NFT aggregator
  • User-friendly NFT issuance platform
  • Easy sign-in/up process (ID: unique string within 15 characters, PW: wallet connection,
    multiple connections possible)
  • User-friendly token and NFT transfer
  1. Blockchain Product UX Improvement
  • It is difficult for individuals to issue NFTs, especially in the Klaytn network.
  • Except for Opensea, there is no good way for non-developers to issue
    NFTs on Klaytn.
  • Technology lightweight of NFT minting.
  • By providing a user-friendly NFT issuance process, we want to attract
    more users and contribute to the Klaytn ecosystem.
  1. Onboarding to Klaytn Ecosystem
  • By using Klaytn‚Äôs fast, low-cost advantages, it provides utility in a
    user-friendly way and onboards more users to the Klaytn ecosystem.
  • By providing technical support through MEPE, more users can make NFT
    and use Klaytn more conveniently.
  1. Community building with Klaytn NFTs
  • Build a community by bringing together people who meet certain criteria
    with Klaytn NFT; Other events (e.g. token drop, NFT airdrop, event news
    delivery, etc.) can be continuously created to help the community operate.
  • Facilitate the creation of many Web 3.0 communities and DAOs in the
    Klaytn ecosystem; Each organization creates a Discover page where they
    can discover each other well.