The 17th KIR: Blockscout Open-Source Block Explorer


KLAY Funding

  • Proposed: KLAY worth USD $247,500


Brief Introduction of the Project

Accurate and available block exploration (the ability to check transactions, contracts,
accounts, etc) is vital for a healthy and decentralized blockchain ecosystem. Block
explorers catalog vast amounts of data and present it to the user in a digestible format,
and each explorer uses its own methods for collecting and displaying data. Often this
methodology occurs in a black-boxed format, meaning users must trust the explorer to
provide correct data without knowledge of the underlying code or processes. If there are
inaccuracies, or the explorer is unavailable, this can be extremely problematic for users
or protocols requesting data.
Blockscout Explorer is an open-source, EVM compatible block explorer built for
transparency and speed. It is highly customizable for each chain, and provides
checks-and-balances for transactional data as well as system-wide redundancy.
Blockscout has a long track record as an open-source explorer for many EVM chains,
giving developers and users access to all data and tools such as CSV exports and
trustless smart contract verification.
We propose a Blockscout instance for the Klaytn mainnet to include hosting,
customizations, data support, and infrastructure for future scaling and bridging
functions. In addition, we will include an open-source package for projects deploying L2
sidechain instances along with easy deployment methods and instructions for setting up
an instance.
Blockscout is introducing new features in v2 and Klaytn mainnet users will have access
to cross-chain interoperability tools, rollup/scaling support, and plug-and-play
applications within the full-featured explorer environment. Klaytn and Blockscout both
aspire to an open-source-first ethos, and we believe this collaboration will benefit users,
developers, and the community as a whole.

Key Deliverables

Project scope:
Hosted open-source block explorer for Klaytn mainnet
● Setup Klaytn Blockscout instance on BlockScout’s premises.
● Customize instance for Klaytn-specific chain needs (ie 1 second block time,
instant finality, other items discovered during planning phase).
● Rebrand Blockscout to follow the Klaytn Network brand guidelines.
● Hosting services for the Klaytn Network
(for a period of 1 year with an option to extend)
● Hosting at (for a period of 1 year with an option to extend)
● Priority support and updates
● Support for explorer end-users managed via Discord.
L2 sidechain deployment package

● Open-source package (including front and back-end) created for easy deployment
of basic explorer instance.
● Customization examples and options for projects looking to deploy their own
Klaytn Blockscout sidechain instance.
● Documentation including end-to-end deployment instructions, environmental
variables, features, UI customization, and automation options.*
● All materials open-sourced and available to the community to update and change
as desired.
*Note that the hosted mainnet instance will include additional features not
included with the base-level L2 instances.

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