The 17th KIR: Blockchain at Yonsei NFT Project


KLAY Funding

  • Proposed: KLAY worth USD: $11,210


Brief Introduction of the Project

Our proposal aims to develop and freely-mint NFT tickets through Klaytn for Yonsei University students who are participating in AKARAKA, one of the most famous school festivals in Korea.

Key Deliverables

List high-level deliverables to be created (e.g., application to do aaaa, improved xxxx process , manual on yyyy). It should include specific metrics (e.g., improved daily active accounts on Klaytn by xxxx amount) to assess its successful deployment/operations.

  • ● Minting out all 3,000 NFT tickets that are reserved
  • ● Increased transactions on Klip
  • ● Onboarding more than 3,000 students on how to use Klip
  • ● Increased awareness on NFT, Klaytn, Klip
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Were there any discussions with the university/student council about utilizing NFT as an official AKARA ticket?

This project seems to develop NFT tickets for AKARAKA of Yonsei Uni.

However, it must be noted the AKARAKA is scheduled to take place on Sep 24th, which is merely tomorrow.

Thus, should it be the case that the NFT Tickets had not already been developed and sold to students to act as AKARAKA Tickets,

would the NFTs created through this project act more as a souvenir for certain students who have participated in AKARAKA?