The 17th KIR: Blockchain at Yonsei NFT Project_Progress Report

KLAY Funding

  • Proposed: KLAY worth USD: $11,210


Brief Introduction of the Project

Our proposal aims to develop and freely-mint NFT tickets through Klaytn for Yonsei University students who are participating in AKARAKA, one of the most famous school festivals in Korea.

Key Deliverables

List high-level deliverables to be created (e.g., application to do aaaa, improved xxxx process , manual on yyyy). It should include specific metrics (e.g., improved daily active accounts on Klaytn by xxxx amount) to assess its successful deployment/operations.

  • Minting out all 3,000 NFT tickets that are reserved
  • Increased transactions on Klip
  • Onboarding more than 3,000 students on how to use Klip
  • Increased awareness on NFT, Klaytn, Klip

Progress Report