The 14th KIR: Finstreet x MiningDevs


KLAY Funding

  • Proposed: KLAY worth USD $45,500


Brief Introduction of the Project

Developer Technical Tutorial Video series and an On-boarding Programme for Klaytn Foundation in the Indian ecosystem in collaboration with MiningDevs which is Blockchain education arm of Finstreet: India’s First Crypto Education Platform.

Key Deliverables

We are definitely looking to create a long-term asset for Klaytn through our quality technical tutorial series.
-Dedicated landing page on the course streaming website for Klaytn chain development course.
-The Developer program will be circulated in top Technical universities and engineering institutions all across India.
-Key KPIs to be achieved with the program: 2000+ attendance of developers for the course, additional promotion of content related to Klaytn Developer Program which will receive a minimum of 8 million impressions through the awareness campaign.
-We are also looking to get developers onto Klaytn to build their ideas for BApps in different global industries.
-MiningDevs will conduct 3 Hackathons on behalf of Klaytn Foundation.