The 14th KIR : Beyond Future _ Parallel-structured Blockchain for Scalability and Stability_Progress Report(1)

Klaytn Improvement Reserve: Progress Report 1

Parallel-structured Blockchain for Scalability and Stability

Date : 2022.05.19

Progress Technical Report 1: Progress Technical Report 1


Progress Technical Report 1 covers Transaction, Networking (receipt), Tx Pool, Fault Tolerance & Fork Prevention.

  • In Transaction, definition and execution model of the transaction are described.
  • In Networking (receipt), the method of sharing information between blockchains through the receipt communications is described. We analyze the load of receipt communications and suggest a parallel-structured blockchain configuration for optimal performance.
  • In Tx Pool, design for maintaining the atomicity of transaction is described.
  • In Fault Tolerance & Fork Prevention, we introduce solutions to enhance fault tolerance at information sharing points such as receipt and tx pool.

Project Milestones and Schedule

Key Deliverables

  1. Progress Technical Report 1
  • Design of Transaction, Networking(receipt), Tx Pool, Fault Tolerance & Fork Prevention

Through In-depth Test & Algorithm validation, we redesigned consensus algorithm. Therefore, there are some changes in progress report 1’s contents. You can find out changes in below link. Thank you.