The 14th KIR : Beyond Future _ Parallel-structured Blockchain for Scalability and Stability_Progress 3 & Algorithm Report

Klaytn Improvement Reserve: Progress 3 & Algorithm Report

Parallel-structured Blockchain for Scalability and Stability

Date : 2022.08.29

Progress Technical Report 2: Progress 3 & Algorithm Report


Progress 3 & Algorithm Report covers in-depth algorithm analysis of parallel blockchain’s consensus algorithm. You can find out pseudo code of consensus algorithm.

For in-dept algorithm analysis and validation, we did some tests like ‘block commit time measurement’ and ‘PIBFT Max TPS test’, etc. Based on test results, we re-designed,analyzed and validated consensus algorithm in better way. As a result, we re-defined this project’s goal. Parallel-structured blockchain is a trilemma technology that fast blockchains can improve stability and decentralization without loss of scalability.

Project Milestones and Schedule

Key Deliverables

  1. Progress 3 & Algorithm Report
  • Terminology of parallel blockchain
  • Pseudo-code of parallel blockchain’s consensus algorithm
  • Pseudo-code of parallel blockchain’s receipt communication
  • Parallel-IBFT(PIBFT)