The 14th KIR : Beyond Future _ Parallel-structed Blockchain for Scalability and Stability_Progress Report(0)

Klaytn Improvement Reserve: Progress Report 0

Parallel-structed Blockchain for Scalability and Stability

Date : 2022.04.18

Progress Technical Report 0: Progress Technical Report 0


Progress Technical Report 0 consists of Analysis and Design part 1.

‘Analysis’ analyzes an overview of Klaytn, problem analysis through cases, and the effect of proposed results. Since analysis can be used as a basis for judgment in the direction and decision of the research, the preceding analysis is very important.

Parallel blockchain require many changes in factors. Therefore, in the ‘Design part 1’ chapter of report 0, you can briefly look at what major changes are needed. In addition, the design of the consensus algorithm and block can be confirmed.

The Korean-translated link will be disclosed through comments. Design errors or improvement found through ‘Design Failure Bounty’ also will be shared through comments.

Project Milestones and Schedule


Key Deliverables

  1. Progress Technical Report 0
    • Analysis of klaytn and market etc
    • Design of parallel blockchain overview, consensus algorithm, block