The 13th KIR: SORAMITSU_Open-Source Decentralized Exchange_Progress Report (2)


Progress Technical Report: Progress Technical Report (2)

The technical progress report 2 covers the liquidity provisioning & token staking implementation, a development alternative for the Graph/Covalent API, as well as governance & long term staking and dashboards implementation.

A detailed summary of each section is as follows:

The liquidity provisioning & token staking implementation presents the LP (deposit, withdraw liquidity) implementation as a Core feature of the DEX and the implementation of a farming page which allows users to create a farming pool where they can stake LP tokens and earn rewards for staked tokens.

The Development Alternative for Graph/Covalent API contains information about the solution, which is based on the Graph, as well as a detailed outline of the all implemented events.

Governance and long term staking describes the implementation of the Governance page with integration as a voting process mechanism, based on the established DEX-token rules.

Dashboards outlines the implementation progress of the first milestone pertaining to the dashboard section of the DEX, as a portal with statistical information.

The budget was calculated using a breakdown of development costs per week. These are further broken down into engineering, UX/UI design, and DevOps & Testing. The costs for Milestone 2 are in alignment with those calculated during the proposal. All are in USD terms.