The 13th KIR: SORAMITSU_Open-Source Decentralized Exchange_Progress Report (1)


Progress Technical Report: Progress Technical Report (1)

The technical progress report 1 covers the architecture design, engineering requirements, fungible token swap implementation, liquidity provisioning & token staking implementation, a development alternative for the Graph/Covalent API, and the dashboards implementation.

A detailed summary of each section is as follows

  1. Architecture and engineering requirements describes the architecture solutions chosen, as well as the elicitated requirements.
  2. Fungible token swap contains information about the DEX’ fungible token swap mechanism development.
  3. Liquidity provisioning & token staking implementation presents the approaches applied to the DEX, and the implemented results.
  4. Development Alternative for Graph/Covalent API contains information about the solution implemented which is based on the Graph, as well as a detailed outline of the events implemented for the first milestone.
  5. Dashboards outlines the implementation progress of the first milestone pertaining to the dashboard section of the DEX, as portal with statistical information.

The budget was calculated using a breakdown of development costs per week. These are further broken down into engineering, UX/UI design, and DevOps & Testing. The costs for Milestone 1 are in alignment with those calculated during the proposal. All are in USD terms.