The 13th KIR: SORAMITSU_Open-Source Decentralised Exchange_Progress Report (3)


Progress Technical Report: Progress Technical Report (3)


The third technical progress report covers the assets page and token creation page for KIP-7 implementations, as well as solving technical debt.

A detailed summary of each section is as follows:

  • The Assets page includes information about tokens within the wallet. It also contains transaction history, which has information about swap operations made, as well as liquidity pool operations.

  • The Token creation page is a fork of the OpenZepplin contracts wizard, with an additional form for creating KIP-7 tokens that allows users to choose different token options, see the changes in smart-contract code, and the connection with allows for the compilation & deployment of smart-contracts to the blockchain.

  • Solving technical debt includes the implementation of Metamask integration, and refactoring parts within core modules of the frontend application.


The budget was calculated using a breakdown of development costs per week. These are further broken down into engineering, UX/UI design, and DevOps & Testing. The costs for Milestone 3 are in alignment with those calculated during the proposal. All are in USD terms.