The 10th KIR: S2WLAB_"S2_EYEZ" for Klaytn Token Economies_Progress Report(2)


We are glad to announce the launch of our brand new web services, S2_EYEZ for Klaytn. Now, we officially launched our website.

Our goal with the new website is to provide the high visibility of behaviors on klaytn blockchain network for anyone who interested in it. The key feature of the website is the graph-based analysis of klaytn wallets. Our system conducts the detailed analysis of transaction graphs from the wallets submitted by clients.

Basically, we revealed meaningful transaction patterns over three of graph depth from the wallet and the findings are represented as graphs. Our graphs consist of two types of vertices, address and transaction. Each node of graphs presents the basic information of it such as the number of transactions she made and the value of total received and sent. In addition, the clients could expand the graph to more depth for further analysis. Also, we have currently defined meaningful transactions along the severity of security risks and abnormalities including transfers with malicious wallets. When the system found any of the suspicious transactions, it would be depicted on the result graph with emphasis marks.The abnormalities of our definition cover:

The reputations for addresses are one of the most important resources of our services. Now, we suffer from the lack of reputational information because of the “purity” of the Klaytn. What this means is that there are not many malevolent users on the Klaytn yet. Thus, if any one know about malicious or suspicious wallets and even wants to mark something on wallets, please don’t hesitate to contact our team(email:

KLAY funding

Project milestones and schedule

To provide public web services earlier, we have performed the deployment on milestone #3 before the measurement and research works on milestone #2. Rescheduled tasks would be done on the last milestone of this project.

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