Ozys_Klaytn Scope/IDE_Progress Report(1)

Klaytn Improvement Reserve: Progress Report


Describe the overall project review.

Ozys started this project to enhance and update Klaytnscope, the block explorer that monitor or view network activities on Klaytn, and also to optimize ‘Klaytn IDE,’ the web-based compiler that allows developers to build smart contracts on Klaytn without other development tools.

Ozys has dedicated itself to successfully completing or achieving what was initially planned for Klaytn usability optimization, and it is here sharing what Ozys has completed or achieved so far and will further develop.

Project Milestones and Schedule

If there are any changes on project milestones/schedule, please elaborate on why those changes occur / how did you deal with them.

Please, check the below schedule tables that show the development progress situation for each function and timeline submitted at the initial application.

Project Milestones and Schedule from the initial application

Project Start Date: April 20, 2020
Project End Date: Sep 30, 2020

Project Start Date: End of June, 2020
Project End Date: End of September, 2020

Key Deliverables

List the deliverables that 1) you successfully launched / achieved in time, (Please fill in the image, URL, etc. about the project.) 2) failed to deliver. Regarding 2), please describe why you failed to deliver it and provide an alternative to solve those issues.

Please, find the below deliverables and notes. The notes include the details describing whether it is successfully launched / achieved or failed.

Klaytn Scope

1. The load test - Completed

  • Ozys conducted a load test of up to 3,000 KCT transfer per second on the network. So far, it has been confirmed that all transactions in Klaytn are normally reflected without any difficulties.

2. Token Whitelist / Smart Contract Code Verification - Completed / In Progress

  • Token Whitelist is continuously being added through google sheet, and we are preparing a modified or automated process for whitelisting.
  • Currently, Smart Contract Code Verification is being updated by receiving an application through the email [klaytn.support@ozys.com]. In terms of the process for Code Verification, the automated verification code has been completed internally. And, it will be provided as a public page as soon as the planning is completed.

3. Integrating the transaction links of other institutions to the Scope link - In Progress

  • Ozys has connected the following two services with the Klaytnscope, and more services or institutions will be integrated.

4. Utilizing the current Klaytnscope infrastructure - In Progress

  • Continuous optimization work is in progress.

5. Handling the access traffic as a same way of the current Klaytnscope - Completed / In Progress

  • In the case of the past internal transactions, we are still catching up. Other than the past transactions, data/transactions of the latest block are normally reflected.


1. Producing a manual or documentation for developers - Completed

  • The POC of the plugin type of Remix extension program connected to the Klaytn Network has been successfully developed by porting the quorum network plugin and the run-deploy plugin used in the Ethereum-based remix. Ozys gave a briefing GroundX on this.
    However, some functional limitations and UX problems were found to utilize the entire rich environment of remix-ide as Klaytn IDE, so it was come out that cooperation with the remix foundation is fundamentally necessary to solve this problem. After then, the subsequent process has been carried out at Ground X by contacting and communicating with the remix side.

  • URL: https://github.com/klaytn-ozys/plug-and-klay

2. Continuously developing and adding new features - Completed


List all activities where operating expenses incurred.

Construction Cost of Development Environment

  1. 2 Baobab Ken nodes
  2. 1 Batcher Machine
  3. 1 API Machine
  4. 1 DB Machine

All machines are built as on-premise, and the actual cost is the purchase cost of VM Host (6Core 64G 2TB). If each VM is considered as a level of AWS class, it might be equal or similar to the m5.large class (about KRW 100,000/month per unit).

Construction of live service environment

(the following is currently under the burden of GX, but OZYS will be fully charged after AWS account is transferred)

  1. en spec
  • baobab : m5.2xlarge x2 (base + internal)

  • cypress : c5.4xlarge x3 (base + internal + past internal)

  • base + internal node have provisioning io1 type storage

  1. service
  • fronted: cloudflare +s3
  • backend: cloudflare + els + t3.small x 12 (baobab 4 + cypress 7 + contract_admin)
  • cypress batcher: m5.xlarge
  • baobab batcher: c5.xlarge
  • cache: cache.t3.micro
  1. rds
  • cypress: db.r5.large
  • baobab: db.r5.large

Total: Above operating infrastructure AWS cost is about $6,500 per month

  1. Machine: about $4,300
  2. Storage: about $2,200
  3. Other miscellaneous expenses could be incurred

Resources for the development of Klaytnscope

Development Period: April, May, June, total 3 months

Development Manpower

Details of the Development Cost (USD)

Labor Cost (Unit Price / USD)

Resources for the development of IDE

Development Manpower

Details of the Development Cost (USD)


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