KIR Referral Guide

What is KIR Referral?

The KIR Referral Program supports the acceleration of the growth of the Klaytn ecosystem by stimulating participation in the KIR program. The referrer brings appropriate proposals for KIR and provides the necessary assistance for its successful completion. These various proposals for each category will contribute significantly to the flourishing of the Klaytn ecosystem.


  • Only Governance Council Members that comply with the KYC/AML procedures are eligible.
  • KIR Referral Program is currently in the pilot stage. Once the program is on track, eligibility requirements may be changed.
  • To participate as a referrer, please submit this survey [ link ]

KIR Referrer’s Responsibility

  • Referrers are expected to actively search for and discover suitable proposals to expand and grow the Klaytn ecosystem.

  • Referrers are expected to review the proposal in advance before filing KIR to ensure that there are no errors.

  • Once the KIR proposal is passed, referrers are expected to provide the necessary assistance to push the project forward according to the proposed Milestone and KIR programs. (e.g. reviewing progress reports before posting on this forum)

  • Referrer have to comply with the KYC/AML procedures which are required for KLAY funding.

KIR Referrer’s Reward

  • 5% of KLAY funding received by the proposer will be given to the referrer. (This does not affect the amount that the proposer will receive).
  • KLAY funding schedule is same as that of the proposer’s. In case of partial payment, the sums will be provided according to the 5% ratio.
    • If the proposer were to receive 1,000 KLAY, the referrer would receives 50 KLAY.
    • If the proposer were to receive 500 KLAY in installments, the referrer would receives 25 KLAY in installments.


  • When submitting the proposal, the proposer should state his/her participation in the KIR Referral Program as well as the referrer.
  • Please use a wallet that supports direct transfers to Klaytn. (Exchange wallets are not allowed.)