Ground 1_Fee Delegation Policy _Progress Report(2)

Klaytn Improvement Reserve: Progress Report (2)

Date: 21.03.08

Editor: KJ


  • To proceed with the project, Klaytn requests Ground 1 Corp., that has been leading the development of Klaytn, to operate the project and asks the development of the application page, KLAY administration page and its account management for operating the project. Additionally, Ground 1 Corp. must provide clear rationale and evidence to receive KLAY through Klaytn’s KIR (Klaytn Improvement Reserve).

  • Ground 1 Corp. is running on behalf of Klaytn for the 1st anniversary Fee Delegation account event. The first target of support was Klaytn Initial Service Partner, KLAY BApp Partner, and Eco Partner.

  • Through this function, it is intended to provide an environment in which various developers and developers, such as general developers and startups, can enter the Klaytn ecosystem.

  • Ground 1 Corp. intends to hold the event by continuously creating and managing Fee Delegation accounts.

KLAY Funding

  • Proposed : 1,825,000 KLAY

  • Accepted : 1,825,000 KLAY

  • Current Received : 150,000 KLAY

    • 07.08.2020 : 50,000 KLAY
    • 12.20.2020: 100,000 KLAY
  • KLAY Paid

    • 03.02.2021 : 117,911 KLAY
    • Current Balance: 32,089 KLAY

Project Milestones and Schedule

  • Launched, Klaytn Fee Delegation

  • Period : 2020.06 ~ 2021.07

  • The first period:

    • Target: Klaytn Partners (Initial Service Partner, Klaytn Blockchain Application Partners, Eco Partners)
    • Date: 07.08.2020 ~ 10.05.2020
  • The second period:

    • Target: Klaytn Governance Council, Klaytn Partners, general startups, enterprises, developers, etc
    • Date: 10.06.2020 ~ 03.07.2021
  • The third period:

    • Target: Klaytn Partners, general startups, enterprises, developers, etc
    • Date: 03.08.2020 ~ 05.31.2021

Key Deliverables

Klaytn Ecosystem Expansion

  • Expansion of Klaytn-based blockchain ecosystem.

  • Securing opportunities for the developer community to be active.

  • Provide KLAY to not have limitations on expenditure used for development.

  • Experience and develop blockchain service utilizing Klaytn through Klaytn Node API, Wallet API, Token History API on KAS.

Raise the quantity of blockchain services onboarding Klaytn

  • Through this campaign, various opportunities for launching new services on Klaytn will be provided.

  • Creating utility value of KLAY through various services launched

  • Expanding blockchain services with KLAY Fee Delegation account and KAS free account

Creating an environment for blockchain startups

  • Provides blockchain startups with an environment for service development through free gas fee.

Expanding opportunities to improve blockchain technology

  • Providing a base environment for testing blockchain technology by using KLAY for free.

  • Opportunity to migrate good services launched on other platforms.

  • Expected that a technology company that can develop various tools required for blockchain services will grow in Klaytn ecosystem.

  • Expand the opportunity to implement blockchain service through simple API when general enterprises as well as blockchain startups want to convert to blockchain service.

<Klaytn Partners applied for the event, Blockchain for All : We pay for your transaction fee.>

Application Date Company Name
7. 9.2020 Blockpet
7. 9.2020 Humanscape
7. 9.2020 Biscuitlabs. Co. Ltd
7. 9.2020 Artblock
7. 9.2020 SIX Network Ltd. Pty.
7. 9.2020 Nod Games
7. 10.2020 Emel Ventures
7. 10.2020 Piction Network
7. 13.2020 WePlayRight
7. 13.2020 Pibble
7. 13.2020 Boltt Coin
7. 15.2020 NEOPLY
7. 15.2020 Wemade Tree
7. 15.2020 Skypeople
7. 17.2020 MyCredtiChain
7. 20.2020 TEMCO
7. 23.2020 Ground 1 Corp.
7. 23.2020 Blockchain DATA Foundation
7. 23.2020 Antube Team
8. 12.2020 Hexlant
8. 28.2020 Ozys
8. 28.2020 DXM
9. 4.2020 Cloudbric
9. 4.2020 HiBlocks
9. 7.2020 AB180
9. 9.2020 Zikto
9. 23.2020 Hachi Labs

Applied Company Name, Fee Delegation Account and KLAY Balance

  • Different amounts of KLAY provided to service companies.

  • Normally 500 KLAY maintained on each Fee Delegation account balance.

  • Increase Fee Delegation Account limit for the case of a company quickly exhausting KLAY

    • Hachi Labs (4,000 KLAY)
    • Emel Ventures (5,000 KLAY)
Company Name Fee Delegation Account Payed Account Actually Used Amount(KLAY)
Blockpet 0xacB22916b804ac088C61c8711EC196b518F2E7fc 920 468.978673275
Humanscape 0x78d86e5A5bb1dDe581e8E613637bAcbE738aCEC8 500 0
Biscuitlabs. Co. Ltd 0x10dd814bbff4f2C312B6788bd66Ab2768F6A3A54 500 0
Artblock 0xd64F3D66569fE5b34A221AE897eff31ca030630A 500 44.1955123
SIX Network Ltd. Pty. 0x3695a6A9ed1f9488e008c20cF3f3e2c3507aea34 1,443 997.751126875
Nod Games 0xE571fD93D381E2cfe58022b1058FD6C69965e05B 632 149.963679575
Emel Ventures 0x7be759b78F34389FA15F85F4144d8cd732C4c60D 30,040 29,484.068933
Piction Network 0x29116706D898814F2190c63431971Bd6069EDAF2 500 0
WePlayRight 0x3f7e7b2AC73A3fB08506Ee62A66Aa8aC8Af9457b 5,078 4,577.16299192
Pibble 0x84DC0d0e307F09CaC58C1E5179C7b774814f993D 2,641 2,176.6685805
Boltt Coin 0x0E33540D7B5e03eafe9b19be725704812B571376 7,749 7,248.01884185
NEOPLY 0x9E34736599bd59b81cB94b67295FF937094D2147 500 59.7523696
Wemade Tree 0x23F6f179c8EAc2516956206bEe822dC622eCa1b3 500 42.8664599
Skypeople 0x4dF4BeAdE87C61276024913C228d8E5D35cd4F06 671 257.7196795
MyCredtiChain 0x6433526B66F1A9F11E9b055f6DAE83582CB474bf 1,895 1,492.3524701
TEMCO 0xe7223E5E41186A782e4A1F709829F521f43b18E5 8,564 8,066.65484832
Ground 1 Corp. 0x64297AE00b82e819c3AcD658cCF6EA3ee18Bc038 500 0.9030845
Blockchain DATA Foundation 0x2D42B7967B97069bB5F2f950C7B244F13B68F4f1 500 9.111206225
Antube Team 0x789a674DEd910E126c950A61d61E7806E705ed03 500 0.001297325
Hexlant 0xC3c7DbAafCa616197eaB85eC4E7c24A93BC2F675 500 0
Ozys 0x6535b26Da3AB64eC10f683772E0DbFdCA80bDD14 500 1.092211525
DXM 0x4CF976069354381977adFEF2850D74287aC07daD 500 0.2853062
Cloudbric 0x1cb66cb79182535F8f6038B9D4c7cA9436D5D78b 1,097 669.38859085
HiBlocks 0x7AE29c98A878bb5A8eEf6F3050d9A9445B6d1A20 500 0.2454019
AB180 0xb50ee766Fce2026DF7E44ddAd3804ac802e74f1B 500 0
Zikto 0xE58a2D3dca664b4D096335E78A4e109Af22E9d1c 4,542 4,075.00349337
Hachi Labs 0x19Be248dB4E81A0aE76d0DA32c87FC36dBE9e46c 44,033 42,694.6675978


List all activities where operating expenses incurred.

1. Object:

  • To support the transaction fee, KLAY, required for blockchain application-operation to companies applying for the policy

  • When a new company applies for the Fee Delegation policy, Ground 1 Corp. supports the payment, KLAY, by creating an Fee Delegation account.

2. Current Situation:

  • After completing payment for 150,000 KLAY, total 117,911 KLAY exhausted for 1-year anniversary Fee Delegation account event for partnered companies.

(as of March 2, 2021)

  • Differs by partnered companies, it is available on the table for specific details about KLAY usage of partnered companies.

3. Requirement:

  • Additional 200,000 KLAY expenditure needed

4. Source:

  • It is expected that lots of users will enter Klaytn Ecosystem through Klaytn API Service and developers will develop service based on Klaytn through Fee Delegation account.
Target Details
Developer Plans to make developers experience Klaytn and develop blockchain applications through brief application on KAS 1-year anniversary Fee Delegation account event.
Blockchain Startups Plans to provide blockchain service developing companies of KLAY Fee Delegation account to offer an environment where they can onboard from other platforms (e.g. Ethereum) to Klaytn.
Enterprises Plans to provide KLAY needed for developing service when existing enterprises try to develop service using blockchain technologies.
Existing Klaytn Partner Plans to support KLAY by making a Fee Delegation account when KLAY is needed for development from one of ISP, KBP, GC.

5. Expected Results:

  • Contribute to Klaytn community and ecosystem by KLAY Fee Delegation policy for developers, blockchain startups, enterprises as well as ISP.

  • By reducing the transaction fee KLAY, it is possible to reduce the burden of operating costs for service companies and developers.

  • As the service does not have to directly pay and get KLAY, service companies and developers are able to free up time to focus more on the development.

  • Estimate that various services and digital asset-related services will increase through KLAY Fee Delegation account policy.