Developer Onboarding Technical Educational Program + Hackathons


Developer Technical Tutorial Video series and an On-boarding Programme for Klaytn Foundation in the Indian ecosystem in collaboration with MiningDevs which is Blockchain education arm of Finstreet: India’s First Crypto Education Platform.


We will create a Developer educational programme which will consist of Technical modules to build onto Klaytn Blockchain. Our aim for this program is to start from the scratch; teaching nascent and up-and-coming developers the basics from Introduction to Klaytn to Developer Resources to teaching them how to deploy their first smart contracts on Klaytn and educate new-age developers under the guidance of Klaytn Foundation. This programme will focus on the fundamentals of attracting Web 2.0 developers into Web 3.0 with Klaytn Foundation and to motivate these developers to build BApps. The Klaytn Developer Program will be uploaded onto MiningDevs official website. The attendees of the course will receive Certificate of Completion under Klaytn Foundation and Mining Devs.


-Educate developers about Klaytn and its use cases with tutorials by creating a dedicated Developer Onboarding Technical Educational program course.

-The Developer Program will be free of cost with the code “KLAYFREE”.

-Create better and relevant quality series of Tutorials to reach the global crypto community.

-Create Brand awareness among the Indian crypto community.

-Conduct Hackathons and set-up scholarship programs under Klaytn Foundation.

-Motivate Developers to build BApps.

-Detailed introduction of the project.

-Regular coverage on any new product/update launch with the partnership of Klaytn.

-Help in creating strong brand recall value among the blockchain and crypto community.

-Regular updates about Klaytn Foundation to the Indian community.


We are definitely looking to create a long-term asset for Klaytn through our quality technical tutorial series.

-Dedicated landing page on the course streaming website for Klaytn chain development course.

-The Developer program will be circulated in top Technical universities and engineering institutions all across India.

-Key KPIs to be achieved with the program: 2000+ attendance of developers for the course, additional promotion of content related to Klaytn Developer Program which will receive a minimum of 8 million impressions through the awareness campaign.

-We are also looking to get developers onto Klaytn to build their ideas for BApps in different global industries.

-MiningDevs will conduct 3 Hackathons on behalf of Klaytn Foundation.


MiningDevs which is a Blockchain educational platform under Finstreet’s Blockchain educational arm. Our platform acts as an easily accessible medium for people to learn about the importance of the technology associated with the crypto asset class & decentralized world.

Finstreet has had 939K students who studied crypto under their Educational course listed on our website. MiningDevs made blockchain learning accessible to many enthusiasts, and we have partnered with 12+ Blockchains onboarding developers on behalf of them. Till now MiningDevs has trained 5000+ developers through their online courses and developer meet-ups.

We are connected with 1100+ educational institutions and is associated with top engineering colleges such as:

IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee, IIT Bombay, IIT Calcuta, IIT Patna, IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Ropar, IIT Guwahati, BITS Pilani

These engineering institutions are the hub of new age skilled developers who are extremely skilled, talented and motivated to onboard on new futuristic blockchains .

Finstreet channels for awareness & distribution:

More than 4.7 M+ people in the crypto and blockchain interested community.

YouTube 76.8k+ subscribers |

DailyHunt Josh 996k followers |

MX Takatak 238,000 followers |

Quora Spaces 18,200 followers |

Trell 3.4+ Million followers |

Rizzle 248k Followers |


-4.7M+ followers altogether

-27 million-plus monthly views on all platforms

-6.75 million impressions per month on YouTube

-Verified profiles on all the short video platforms

-40% month on month growth

-Targeting global developer audience to learn free on MiningDevs official website


Name of Technical Tutorial Videos

Introduction to Klaytn
Introduction to Docs
Introduction to Explorer
Introduction to Klaytn Wallet
Introduction to Smart Contracts
Setting up development environment
Deploying your first Smart Contract on Klaytn
How to test your smart contacts using Truffle
Migrating ethereum application to Klaytn
Exploring Klaytn SDKs
More topics after research
More topics after research
More topics after research


Finstreet is offering the following to kick start its Developer Program for Klaytn Foundatiom:

-The research team will develop the course and the material. Once the material is developed the course will go for review to the Klaytn’s team for their confirmation.

-If any changes have to be made, they will be done within 24-hours.

-After the material is finalized, the Technical Video team will create an online course that will be uploaded on MiningDevs official website for free with the code “KLAYFREE”.

-The participants who will finish the course will receive a certificate of completion from Klaytn Foundation and MiningDevs.

-Finstreet & Mining Devs team will conduct 3 Hackathons and Online Meet-ups under Klaytn’s branding in top engineering institutions.

-Finstreet team will do end to end organization of Hackathons: the only guidance required from Klaytn’s team is to suggest the problem to be solved in the hackathons.

-These Hackathons will be conducted at world class Engineering Institutions by Finstreet Ambassadors.

-Listing Hackathons on high traffic event websites to target the key developers to participate

-Finstreet will also place a Scholarship program for great performing Developers.

-We will do Youth-friendly activities to encourage more participation and increase brand visibility of Klaytn.


Results of our recent collaborations:

-We are able to connect more than 1500+ developers with our campaigns in just 3 months with the Blockchain platforms with just Webinars.

-We have created a Blockchain course for IOST Blockchain.

-We have been working with top blockchains such as: Polygon, Algorand, Near Protocol, Zilliqa, Celo, Nervos and more conducting webinars into these top engineering colleges. Helping our partners onboard new developers onto their platform.

Here are the links :


Funds from the grant will be used in the following activities-

A) HR cost which includes the following people:

-Skilled Developer & Presenters

-Organizing Team

-Graphic designers

-Campaign Managers (Content architecture, quarterly reports, ticket resolution)

-Video editors

-Content writers

-Social media managers

-Digital marketers

B) Setup cost

-Studio setup (Camera, Lighting, mic, green screen setup, etc.)

-Infrastructure cost.

-Miscellaneous expenses

Budget: We are looking for a total grant of $45,500.

Tranche 1: Our request is $22,000 upfront to deploy the required skilled resources.

Tranche 2: Rest $23,500

The next tranche of payment will be required after completion of 60% of the development course, and successful completion of 1 Hackathon, approved by Klaytn Foundation.

The track of all the content will be updated regularly for the team in the content calendar (excel sheet), that we will be sharing before starting the campaign.


These are our Official Websites where the Developer Program of Klaytn Blockchain will be put up: